Who Am I

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I am Gunaseelan Perumal, people call me Guna. I am from Chennai, India. I make a living out of programming career in PHP technology.

I am a voracious reader, i buy books frequently. Dont know what to do with the books after reading it. Not interested to give books to “kayalan kadai” or waste paper mart for weights. There are costly books.

Whatever may be the price, the value of book after reading is zero.

If we are able to resell / rent our books, we will be able to recover some amount of book price we spent. With that money we can buy another book. The ability resell or rent our books will remove the hesitation for buying books further. Buy books without worrying about Price which we can recover later after reading book via resell or rent.

Moreover, those who can not afford for new books, can search the book they want in booksya.com at an affordable price. If they cant find the book they want, they can post their requirement in “i want” section.

I see a need for selling buying old books, which will encourage reading books ultimately either new or old without worrying price.

So i built this website BooksYa.com to promote selling and buying of your old books. Post your used book details here to start selling it.

Ensure your safety while selling buying renting books.

Happy Reading.